300: Rise of an Empire – First Full Trailer

More men, more flesh, more slow motion, more sex, more manly screaming. Yes folks 300: Rise of an Empire, the follow up to 300 looks very much like 300. That’s not to say it’s a bad thing. Whilst many people found a great deal of flaws in Zack Snyder’s original film; some saying it was self indulgent, others citing homo-erotic fetishism as their reason to bail, I really enjoyed it. Not only did it capture the graphic novel’s tone and visual flair but also provided a wildly original and highly quotable piece of blockbuster cinema that has a huge amount of re-watch value.

This new film doesn’t appear to have a character as grizzled and obviously kingly as Leonidas, though the amount of facial hair, steroids and gutteral growling suggests that’s not through a lack of trying. Instead it appears this film devotes more time to Xerxes and his continued pursuit of world domination; this time apparently aided by a moody looking Eva Green, sporting lots of black eye makeup and ear piercings, so you know she’s serious.

It’s obviously very stylish and from the design and composition of many of the shots it would appear that as Producer, Zack Snyder may have had at least a smattering of creative directorial input. This would also explain why the entire movie is being sold under the premise of his name (“Director of 300 and Man of Steel”) without mentioning the director at all.

It looks like it’ll be loads of fun and again full of those trademark ‘slow motion into fast pace’ fight shots. In particular the shot of Themistocles (Sullivan Stapleton) at around 57 seconds, diving off a cliff and hewing a soldier in two as part of his landing is particularly impressive.

So now we just have to play the waiting game. 300: Rise of an Empire is due out in March 2014.

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