James and James are a pair of film, TV and media hounds based in the North of England. Having shared a friendship spanning over 10 years (get your mini violins out) we felt now was the perfect time to unleash our knowledge and opinions in the form of a website…obviously!

The reason we see the need for yet another Film and TV site on the already massively over saturated internet, was that we have never yet come across a place for people like us to go that covers all the things we want to read about in one place. Yes there are sites with news and reviews. There are also sites that talk about film in a more in-depth way; examining all aspects of our favourite films. There are even sites that provide geek food & drink articles, including recipes and new ideas. But they are never all in one place!*

On Cultoid you will find reviews of the latest major releases and independent films, dissections of some of our favourite movie moments, top 10s, recipes, new products, comics, interviews, place reviews (cinemas, restaurants, shops etc) and some extra fun bits that we haven’t decided how to categorise yet!

Most importantly you will be able to get involved. Whether that means commenting, entering a competition or two, helping us with upcoming events (there are already some in the pipeline) or contributing an article for the site. We want your thoughts and opinions so we can grow this whole thing into a great big Cultoid community!

If you do want to get involved please email us at contact@cultoid.com

Or if you just want to stick around and read some interesting, sometimes informative and rarely, if ever insightful stuff, then go and explore!

Thanks for stopping by – Your friendly neighbourhood Cultoids:

James P and James W

* There probably are sites like this but we haven’t found them so technically they don’t exist (please don’t burst our bubble).