Aftershock Trailer – People are worse than Earthquakes

Whether they end up being a success or not, it is certainly true that any Eli Roth project try to be different, providing a unique horror experience that feels fresh and fun. For Aftershock Roth is both Producer and Star which means double the potential awesome! After all I think we can agree that Roth’s turn in Inglourius Basterds as Donny Donowitz aka The Bear Jew was very special indeed.

Channeling some aspects of Roth’s Hostel films this sees a sunny holiday going horribly awry. A nightclub cave-in provides the initial horror, and from the trailer glimpses seems like it will be a claustrophobic nightmare. The real terror however, is revealed to be that of surviving the aftermath of this situation. Escaped prisoners, aggressive authorities and panicked passers by add up to what looks like a hell of guns, water cannons and molotov cocktails. There is also a classic horror gag at around 1:30 involving the unluckiest manhole cover escape of all time!

Be warned this red band trailer is most definitely NSFW. So if severed hands and blood drenched faces are likely to get you fired, you might want to hold off on watching this until you get home.

Whilst this does have a painted by numbers feel to it, I do still think it has enough original shocks to prove worthy of a fantastic night at the cinema. Just make sure to take a few friends and maybe have a couple of beers beforehand; that’s always my preferred method for horror film viewing.

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