Ash vs Evil Dead Trailer – He’s back!

So now we know the new Evil Dead TV series is premiering on Halloween (it was a no brainer really), and thanks to SDCC we have our first proper look at the show; episode one of which has been helmed by none other than Sam Raimi himself.

There’s lots of blood. Might be NSFW. LOTS. OF. BLOOD.

I love the energy here. Admittedly there’s more fan lip service than was probably necessary, but seeing all those crash zooms, the one-liners, the chainsaw landing on the stump as Ash flies through the air…this is going to be so much fun.

As someone who rates Army of Darkness as one of the greatest films of all time I love the tongue-in-cheek tone. Any horror show that uses the line “Granny…Let’s go,” as one of its key selling points is alright by me.

My only concern now is that there’s currently no UK channel announcement. Please someone get on that. I don’t want to have to travel stateside for this. I would do it. But I don’t want to have to.

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