The Balcony BBQ – 3rd Floor Heaven

I live in a flat on the 2nd floor of a terraced house. This means all summer I have had to go without BBQ food at my house, which is simply unacceptable.

What I do have, however, is a kind of balcony outside my kitchen door. By balcony I mean fire escape, but it has a metal railing and that is all that counts in this situation.

Finally someone has invented the most obvious invention in history, by coming up with a BBQ for people who live upstairs! I honestly don’t know why this is a new thing. It seems like it should have been around for years. But the main thing is it is here now. So all of you who live above ground level and have no access to a garden, it’s time to whack out your meat (pun very much intended) and get grilling!

Firebox have come to our aid and are selling the pictured Balcony BBQ for £59.99. Whilst that may seem a little steep, you know that the first time you smell flame grilled burger wafting through your apartment you will kneel at the alter of all things tender and juicy. So what are you waiting for? Summer is almost over and you could be spending the next few weeks soaked in meat sweat (or vegetable kebab juice if you are a poor non meat eating individual).

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