Bernie – Art imitates life and then back again

If you haven’t seen Richard Linklater’s Bernie I would highly recommend it. The true story of a funeral director (Bernie Tiede) who befriended and then killed an 81 year old woman is an incredible dark comedy, which contains a career best performance from Jack Black.

But in a twist befitting the often strange nature of the tale, the real life Bernie Tiede has recently been released from prison on the proviso that he move in with the film’s director Richard Linklater!


Linklater was present at the original trial, which saw Tiede convicted of murdering Marjorie Nugent and storing her body for months in a deep freeze. But new evidence surrounding Tiede’s history of falling victim to sexual abuse, alongside the evidence of his abuse at the hands of Nugent, has allowed his original sentence to be cut short.

Word is that Tiede has moved into the apartment above Linklater’s garage, and will be staying for the forseeable future. Whether this will lead to a sequel is up for question, but what’s certainly true is that this will go down as one of the most bizarre stories in movie history.

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