The Best Fight Scenes

This isn’t a countdown. Despite what I thought when putting this list together it was near impossible to rate one over the other. Instead this is simply an appreciation of great movie brawls. I should add that I was inspired to create this article after seeing a video on Badass Digest which features a clip from Indian film ‘Singam’. It is a fight scene which I have no idea as to the context, but I love all the same. Watching it reminded me of the sheer insanity most great fight sequences possess and made me recollect my standouts.


I need to point out that there are some movie fights for which I couldn’t find a YouTube clip (and I’m too lazy to upload them myself). So let’s just pretend that the Universal Soldier final fight between Dolph and Jean Claude is here. As is the alleyway fight between the Chang Seng’s and the Wing Kong in Big Trouble in Little China.

You won’t find Enter the Dragon, Rocky, Raging Bull or Roadhouse on the list as they’re just a given, and we’ve all seen them too many times anyway….haven’t we?

Oh and if you could post links to the ones I’ve missed in the comments section I’d be very happy. Bear in mind that my list either features funny, brutal, insane or all 3. I’ve left no room for graceful, so films like Crouching Tiger and House of Daggers aren’t in there. Sorry.

So let’s start with the clip that made me put this article together. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you:


Incredible I think you’ll agree. So let’s move on with no more waffle, just tonnes of visual fun.

Kill Bill – Crazy 88 Massacre

The Punisher (2004) – The Russian

Warrior King – Long Single Shot and the Four Bodyguards

300 – First Battle

Dragon Tiger Gate – Restaurant Showdown

Legend of the Fist – Intro and Street Fight

Inception – Rotation

The Matrix – Neo vs Smith in the Subway

Watchmen – The Comedian bites the dust

Kung Fu Hustle – Fighting the Axe Gang

The Raid – Knives in Legs!

Jackie Chan – Anything he’s ever done, so here’s just a sample:

And Finally!

I promised myself I wouldn’t let Jean Claude’s booty appear in this list, and technically it doesn’t. But his gyrating hips in this scene leave little to the imagination. All hail the king of the splits!

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