The Book Club – Kickstarter

We last spoke to Jamie (Red Shirt Films) around 4 years ago, when Hooped took the top Prize at Up North Short Film festival. In that time his films have got better, more ambitious and he even received a distinctive award from Raindance Film Festival.

With only a couple of days to go, make sure you checkout his latest Kickstarter project here.

The Book Club is the first feature length film from York based independent film company RedShirt Films, which focuses on six months in the lives of a community of murderers and all round terrible human beings. It’s an ambitious and slightly bonkers project stuffed with classic horror practical effects and terrible, horrible people. This film is being funded through an all or nothing Kickstarter campaign that runs until June 28th. Through great levels of planning and clever design we can fund the entire production on the relatively small budget of £25,000.

Featuring Andrew Lee Potts (Primeval, Alice, Lucky Man)


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