British Pathe – History at the push of a button

pathe2British Pathe have recently completed work on a mammoth project whose importance cannot easily be measured. They have uploaded over 85,000 videos to YouTube, which comprise archive newsreel footage dating back to the very first televisual broadcasts.

This includes rare War correspondence, event coverage and plenty of bizarre and off the wall pieces that have made up our history since the dawn of the camera.


The implications of this work are massive. Not only have they made our recent history so much more accessible to the education system (and the wider community), but by doing this British Pathe have also made a commitment to enhanced preservation of some of the most life changing and iconic moments of our time.

I have included a selection of some of the clips that stood out to me on an initial browse. But this is an initiative that demands and deserves a good chunk of your time. Give yourself a good hour or two (at least) and bask in the beauty and ridiculous convenience that has come about thanks to one organisation cataloguing everything for us.

The channel can be accessed here.

And even Arnold Schwarzenegger managed to get in!!!

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