Alcoholic Bum Brown Paper Bag Drinks Cooler

This is one of those products whose simplicity should warrant a snappy title. But instead it takes 7 words to truly describe the sheer awesome that is the Alcoholic Bum Brown Paper Bag Drinks Cooler.

Now a tangent; who is the best alcohol drinking character in all of cinema? I don’t even know why I had to ask because I’m sure you’ve all said in unison….Eliot Loudermilk from Scrooged! Yes Bobcat Goldthwaite’s brow beaten TV executive is the very essence of pathos in his repeated attempts to drink himself into oblivion, all of which are scuppered (much like Dan Aykroyd’s attempts to get Ghostbusters 3 off the ground) either unwittingly or knowingly by Bill Murray. But what really makes his failed drinking attempts harder to take is that his liquor was concealed by a brown paper bag.

Thanks to US public drinking laws we have come to see the brown paper bag beer/liquor drinking technique as a bit of an iconic thing. Whenever a character is down on his luck, despite whether or not he has enough money to drink in a bar, has to resort to ‘brown bagging’ in the street.

Well now you can be a down on your luck bum too! No longer do you have to hang around your local parks and promenades with an unconcealed and warm bottle of Supermarket own brand scrumpy cider! No! No you can keep your drinks cool, and look like a filmstar (in character) as you stagger through the city streets trying desperately to pick up the pieces of your failed life!

So why wait? Head on over to Firebox and pick one up. For £6.99 can you really afford not to?

Bobcat - Cultoid

The new you for just £7

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