Chef Trailer – You’re going to be hungry

Jon Favreau’s latest film looks tasty! There is so much amazing looking food in this film that I just want to melt cheese all over my face and have people throw taco meat and chillis at me until I turn into Tex Mex personified!

Just as the musical “Put that thing back where it came from or so help me” in Monsters Inc was credited solely to Mike Wazowski, Chef was written, directed, produced by and stars Favreau; so you’d think that makes it something he’s fairly confident about, and to me that makes it worth seeing.

It kind of looks like an amalgamation of Swingers and Big Night, with a little extra Austin Texas flavour thrown in for good measure. All of these things also make me a guaranteed ticket sale.

The film hits UK shores at the end of June. Just remember to eat hearty before you go in, or this one will have you drooling all over the guy or gal in front. More so than usual!

James is a movie obsessive with a particular love for scores and screenplays. He has written for numerous blogs, sites and cinemas and has been involved in several screenwriting projects. He can usually be found in front of a large plasma screen devouring Westerns, 80s pulp, Jimmy Stewart movies or anything by the Coens.

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