The Criterion Collection – Inside Look

For anyone who has ever bought a Criterion Collection remastered Blu Ray you will know that the level of time, effort and commitment to restoration for each film is unrivalled. Sure there are other restored blu rays that have the jaw dropping picture remaster (I’m thinking of Jaws and Alien in particular), but with Criterion it is about bringing the very best to the whole experience. That means unique packaging artwork, newly restored extras, cleaned up sound mixes and access to some of the greatest films thought lost to the ages of dirty prints.


What we regularly fail to acknowledge is the incredible level of technical know how, coupled with literally days and weeks of man power to bring each title back to life, in a way that the original directors would have intended. So it is great that Gizmodo have made a short film in conjunction with Criterion to give us a look at the processes involved. From scanning, to image cleanup, colour grading, audio and final artwork, this 7 minute film will give you a new found understanding and enormous level of respect for the work of this great company.

I have to be honest and say that some of the stuff going on there is still completely confusing to me despite seeing it happen. But in a way that’s a good thing as it just makes me more appreciative of the work done to allow us a pristine look at some of cinema’s greatest moments.

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