David Cronenberg The Nest – Short film

As commissioned by the EYE institute in Amsterdam, we have a new short film for you from master director and unsettling visionary David Cronenberg.

The Nest features actress Evelyne Brochu and Cronenberg himself as a surgeon, from whose POV the story unfolds. This is very much NSFW (as you would expect) so be warned!

I love that Cronenberg so regularly finds a way to make the audience feel like awkward, uncomfortable voyeurs. Here that sense is heightened given the single POV take.

What’s also uncomfortable is the relationship between these two characters. Cronenberg brings a creepy sexuality from them both: She is almost fetishistic in her lust to have her breast removed, as you can see from her pleasured grin when the surgeon confirms her suspicions about the insect infestation. And the surgeon himself talks as if he is a nervous bed partner involved in role play for the first time – there’s even the phallic connotations around the use of the stethoscope (look where it is placed when he grabs hold of it).

It’s been a long time since Cronenberg last dabbled in body shock horror, and though there is no climactic visual moment of terror, the descriptions and the ideas are enough to feed your imagination with what could happen should the surgery take place. After all, we’re very aware of what Cronenberg is capable…

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