David Wingo Interview

We recently had the great pleasure of chatting with Austin based composer/musician David Wingo, about life and making music for some of the very best indie films of the last few years.

Having found critical acclaim for his latest score for Midnight Special, his third collaboration with the also brilliant Jeff Nichols (Mud, Take Shelter), Wingo has moved from the category of ‘one-to-watch’, to very firmly one of the best and most unique voices in contemporary cinematic music.

What’s most interesting about Wingo is the way he captures mood and tone so completely, with very minimal arrangements and with onus on fitting the best sound to the story. As we found out a lot of this comes from constant communication with the director, which means in many cases music is written prior to the first cut of the film being completed.

So take a listen to the full interview below, and whether you’re a seasoned Wingo enthusiast, or new to his work, go and listen, explore and immerse yourself in the hypnotic soundscapes he is so gifted in creating.

The Interview

Huge thanks to David for giving up his time to talk to us, and here’s looking forward to a great future in film.

If you’d like to get your hands on a copy of the Midnight Special score, you can do so HERE.

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