Edgar Wright leaves Marvels Ant-Man

Edgar Wright leaves Marvel's Ant-Man

It’s very rare that any sort of movie news makes me brew a subtle rage. You know the ones, the kind that make you scrawl through your social media for comments, links to articles, mentions, hashtags on Twitter every 5 minutes. But Edgar Wright leaving (he had no other choice, but we’ll come onto that) the Marvel project, Ant-Man has left me dumbfounded, upset and shocked.

Edgar Wright Leaves Ant-Man and The World Ends Edgar Wright started working on Ant-Man in 2006, that’s 8 years ago if your maths is terrible. Can you imagine working on a project for so long? To Edgar It must have become umbilical, the germination of his vision spawning into a living breathing piece over the course of hundreds of hours for what now seems like ‘service’ to Marvel Studios. This of course was prior to the conglomerate takeover from Disney and way before The Avengers hit the billion dollar club, and If the talk is true and that his work was tampered with I really don’t blame him for walking away from this project. There’s a difference between collaboration and homogeny, and unfortunately the latter seems to be the case with this one.


I understand that Kevin Feige originally brought Edgar to the project with a view for him create his own character iteration and it seems as though Feige has continued to fight his corner. Why would he change his stance after all this time? The interesting thing is if you look at this on whole it could also affect Feige’s relationship with Disney. Would you want to run a company that you’ve brought to a point of success to then be questioned at every corner? **Just added** Drew Goddard has left, possibly for similar reasons, The Netflix Daredevil Project.

Its not just the above that makes me mad about this, its the knock-on for fans. If Edgar Wright hadn’t been tied into a project that would eventually meet a dead-end, then the world could have gained another Scott Pilgrim, or another Shaun, and I think subconsciously that’s what the public backlash is about. Would people really care about an Ant-Man movie? possibly not, we’ve got Honey I shrunk the Kids after all! But would people care about an Edgar Wright movie not hitting our screens? Yes, definitely!

In a year’s time when Edgar Wright makes another step towards becoming one of Britain’s best ever directors, because let’s face it everyone in the industry will want to work with him now he is free again, this will all be forgotten. Cultoid salutes you Edgar for staying true to who you are, and to everyone else let’s all have a nice cold pint, and wait for all of this to blow over. How’s that for a slice of fried gold?

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