Edgar Wright Visual Comedy Maestro

Edgar Wright is becoming a mainstay of Cultoid at the moment for one reason or another (and that’s no bad thing). Thankfully today’s article isn’t about the upsetting mishap over at Marvel Studios but rather a look at what makes Wright so great.

This brilliant clip from Vimeo user Tony Zhou takes an in-depth look at Wright’s visual style, and why that works so well for comedy.

I think that rather than this video being called ‘How to do visual comedy’, it should in fact be called ‘How to not waste a single moment’; Wright utilises every frame of his films to either present a gag, set up a story beat, hint at upcoming plot points or allow for some in-joke easter eggs for uber fans to spot.

Though I said this article wasn’t going to be about Ant-Man, the above clip does prove once again that Wright would have brought a totally unique vision to the film. I have no doubt that he will go on to even bigger and better things, and I can’t wait to see what comes next. Someone give the guy all the money and let him do exactly what he pleases! You know it makes sense.

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