Educating Yorkshire – A cinematic moment!

I have to start by saying I haven’t been watching Educating Yorkshire. Having dismissed it as a show that would paint us Yorkshire folk in an unfavourable light (afable yet stupid) I decided to steer clear. But being surrounded by people that are staunch fans, and the fact that I view Facebook and Twitter with an unhealthy regularity, I had pretty much discerned what I was missing.

Educating Yorkshire: teacher Matthew Burton reads to his class

It turns out I was pretty spot on with my assumption, but it is that very thing that has made the show so compelling. It has meant that viewers have been able to laugh along with the real life characters and go on a journey of empathy with them, that in some cases has ended with miraculous moments of emotion and truth.

I recently posted an article about John Hughes, in which I praised Hughes’ ability to make us so strongly empathise with a comedy character, that any moments of sadness or heart-warming joy create a massive out-pouring of emotion in the audience. It is in this same vain that Educating Yorkshire has been operating.

So today I caught up on the back story of student Mushy P (great nickname) who has had trouble with a severe stammer throughout the show. This kid and his English teacher (a quirky indie band lookalike) have had an incredible relationship that has been filled with moments of great comedy and great struggle. But this culminated in a moment during the series finale that will literally take your breath away. Just as the best TV dramas have a overarching story that climaxes at the finale, so does this create a moment of elation and emotion that is incredible to see. In doing so Educating Yorkshire has stepped far above its fly-on-the-wall peers and wound up finishing as strongly as the very best John Hughes films.

If you haven’t seen the moment I am talking about yet, then hit play on the below and watch TV become like the best cinema, by emanating cinema to achieve real world results!

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