Exists Trailer – Blair Witch goes Sasquatch

Co-Director of The Blair Witch Project, Eduardo Sanchez, is back with a found footage film set in the woods, focused on a mythical creature…

Given that it took the audience award at SXSW I’ll really have to try to reserve judgement on this. But seriously, the amount of exposition and wave of adverts for smart phones, pro cameras and a popular brand of extreme sport wearable camera are ridiculous.

Usually in a found footage film the audience is left asking “why would he/she still be filming at this point”. But ‘Exists’ takes that question to new levels, in the opening scenes of this trailer where literally everyone in the car is filming the happy-go-lucky dialogue on a different device!

Then there’s the lines “We’re gonna have the best YouTube video ever” and the horrible horrible “I got some GoPros set up here” that manage to create a cringe worthy amount of product placement, whilst at the same time dishing out the most bland by-the-numbers exposition of all time.

Terrible acting, terrible dialogue and yet more found footage. This film is going to have to do a lot to get me onside.


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