Fargo Series 2 – Greenlight ready to go on

Fargo TV show creator Noah Hawley has recently spilled some beans on where he’d like to take a second season. Happily the answer is he’d like to stick with the idea that each new batch of episodes would be its own entity; its own story with closure. Given the convenience factor of media consumption these days I’d say that’s probably the best way to go.


Speaking at the Television Critics Association Hawley said that season two would be a “standalone period piece” set in 1979 and will revolve around series 1 favourite character Molly Solverson’s father – a man returning from the Vietnam war no doubt full of PTSD issues.

It has also been mentioned that we’ll meet Molly’s mother and find out what actually happened to her, as was hinted at in season 1. In relation to this particular arm of the story Hawley said “there were a lot of clues left in the first season and we’ll do our best to hit those”.

The new season will be set in Sioux Falls and is rumoured to take influence from other Coen Brothers’ works including Millers Crossing and The Man Who Wasn’t There. Sounds great to us.


Assuming this new series gets the green light (and there’d have to be some pretty silly execs out there to not just hand a blank cheque over) we look forward to more bleak landscapes, sinister plots and irreverent humour, along with more dreamscape creating music from composer Jeff Russo.

We’ll keep you informed as more develops!

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