Gambit Movie Confirmed – As is the actor

Whilst promoting X Men Days of Future Past, producer Lauren Schuler Donner confirmed that Gambit will finally be getting his own standalone movie, and will be played by Channing Tatum! Tatum had previously expressed an interest in playing the ragin’ cajun, and it seems that Fox saw enough in his passion, acting chops, physicality and (most importantly) bankability to make it a reality.

This more than likely means Tatum will show up in Days of Future Past sequel X Men: Apocalypse, but whether this will come before or after his solo outing is as yet unknown.


At this point I am just happy to see Remy LeBeau become a reality. I know he appeared in the first Wolverine film, but that barely even counted as a cameo, and was only a small part of a much larger mess. We already know that Schuler Donner plans to make this a fleshed out origin tale, based on an earlier quote stating the film “doesn’t have to be a great big movie. It’s a thief in New Orleans, it’s a whole different story.” So fingers crossed the story and setting will provide the kind of sleazy backdrop as is appropriate to my favourite X Man of all time!



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