Guardians of the Galaxy – First Trailer

Well it’s been a long old wait for a first proper glimpse at James Gunn’s take on Marvel’s most irreverent property, and the trailer reveals what we had all expected/hoped for; Gunn has crafted a quirky space epic with snappy dialogue and hilarious musical cues. In other words James Gunn has done what he is best at, and that makes Marvel even cooler, for allowing him to just be himself.


I love the contrast of the quiet, procedural moments cut with some of the most frenetic Sci-Fi imagery to grace the screen in a long time. Though I wouldn’t say the trailer throws too much mind blowing material in terms of visuals at us, it does the necessary job of introducing a raft of main characters to a global audience who will largely be totally unfamiliar, and maybe a little freaked out by.

It’s also great to see Djimon Hounsou getting to chew the scenery in full scary eyed alien get-up. In celebration of this let’s all have a dance and sing his name aloud:

This is going to be another incredible year for comic book fans. Marvel are proving to be the studio to beat. Like Pixar on steroids they know how to take a story and make it work for any audience. With Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain America: The Winter Soldier due out in the next few months we will be clammering for Age of Ultron and Phase 3 before the year is out.

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