Guardians of the Galaxy – New trailer and poster

So today we’ve got two new pieces of Guardians of the Galaxy goodness for you, in the form of a new poster and trailer!

First off is the poster. Just look below. James Gunn and his team are proving time and again that they have an innate knowledge about everything that makes a movie great. The image carries the style of all the great Drew Struzan team-up posters and also looks like the best 80s VHS case cover that never was.


And after days of teaser clips (I still can’t believe we now live in a world where even trailers have trailers) we have our second look at the my most anticipated summer blockbuster this year. Plenty of new footage to drool over and our first proper listen to Bradley Cooper as Rocket Raccoon.

I really hope that come October we start seeing parent/child halloween costume pairings of Groot and Rocket Raccoon. I would happily shell out all my sweets to see that.

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