Gumshoe – Brilliant short film noir

I’m a sucker for film noir, especially when a filmmaker utilises black and white to great effect telling a noir-ish story. That is most definitely the case with Gumshoe.

I love a good gimmick, and the shooting style certainly is a novelty, but importantly it’s novelty done well. The ‘legs only’ POV camera works so well for the elements of comedy and action, whilst also allowing for some fantastic lighting.

In fact I’m going to dedicate a whole paragraph to the lighting. I love it. It has been so cleverly worked to show just the right amount of visual information needed at any given moment. And it’s not just a case of the actual light, but what is revealed in the shadows. The moment with the syringe is a simple trick, but placed exactly right in the frame to draw the eye to it, without detracting from the rest of the image.

I also couldn’t help but notice the film was an official selection for Telluride festival. I am envious of that for two reasons: One, it is a highly respected festival and two, that more than likely means the filmmakers were given the chance to attend, and I wish I could be given that chance. Someone give me enough money to get to Telluride. Look at it!


Why can’t a UK film festival look like this? Why? WHHHHYYYYYYY?

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