Inside Out Trailer 2 – Pizza is ruined

Pixar’s Inside Out is just a few months away, and so of course the marketing machine is beginning to ramp up. But that’s great news for us because we get a new full length trailer that finally sells the premise, which, up until now seemed a little wishy washy.

I have to admit prior to this new clip I was doubting this film had any legs (shame on me for ever questioning Pixar). But now that we’ve got confirmation of the story’s grand scale – I love the idea that our dreams are created on a movie lot in our mind – I can’t wait to see the rest of it come summer.

Also, as someone who has just booked a flight to San Francisco this August, I will definitely be uttering the line “Congratulations San Francisco, you’ve ruined pizza.” Even if in fact they haven’t.

Inside Out is due in theatres July 2015.

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