John Carpenter Classic Scores Redux

You can call John Carpenter a lot of things, but in 2016 one of the things you have to call him is generous. First off we got the announcement of his live tour, then came the long awaited Lost Themes II album, and now it has been announced that Carpenter, along with his studio band and writing partners, will be releasing re-recorded versions of his classic scores on 12″ Vinyl!

For anyone that ever wondered what Carpenter’s work would have sounded like if they’d been recorded today (something I’ve certainly wondered about), here is your answer, and from the exclusive video of the updated Escape From New York theme – which you can see below – that answer is blooming brilliant!

Carpenters record label – Sacred Bones – told us:

What began as a necessity for the low-budget productions by Carpenter became a major part of his aesthetic, and established him as a pioneering figure in genre- film score work as well as electronic music in general. Now, flanked by his son Cody Carpenter and godson Daniel Davies, and with two albums (Lost Themes and Lost Themes II) of non-soundtrack material under his belt, Carpenter has decided to revisit some of his most beloved themes.

The full line-up of themes includes Halloween, Escape From New York, Assault on Precinct 13 and The Fog. Each release will be available from June 17th and can be ordered direct from Sacred Bones.

And now for your listening pleasure, the live version of Escape From New York. Turn it up loud.

It’s fantastic to see a smiling Carpenter clearly revelling in the majesty of the music. And being one of the lucky people to have claimed a ticket for his live show in Manchester in October, I am now even more giddy than before to see this, and the Lost Themes tracklist, reproduced in front of my eyes.

What a year for John Carpenter fans!

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