John Carpenter – Utopian Facade Video

With his first ever live tour set to hit UK shores in a few weeks’ time, The Master of Horror, John Carpenter, unveils the dark and dystopian video for ‘Utopian Façade’. Looking like a nightmarish combination of Tron, Land of the Dead and Rainbow Six (with a brilliant 80s hero thrown in for good measure), the video gives a great visual context to the already incredible musicality.

‘Utopian Façade’ is taken from John Carpenters most recent studio album Lost Themes II’, which was released earlier this year via Sacred Bones Records. The video was produced & directed by Gavin Hignight and Ben Verhulst, painting a story of an android’s nightmare, hidden in dark & futuristic forests.

Commenting on the video, Gavin Hignight said: “We were instantly haunted upon hearing Utopian Façade. It conjured images of jagged tree branches, dark woods and things that go bump in the night. Our goal was to explore these feelings combined with the visuals of the electronic synth driven world established in the NIGHT video from the prior album. An Androids Nightmare is what culminated.”

Half the fun of listening to Carpenter’s 2 albums has been to visualise the kind of films the tracks might provide a score to. I have to admit that I’d pictured something wildly different for this one. I was thinking more along the lines of Ben Wheatley’s High Rise. But it’s great to see different people’s interpretations of the music. And I’ll never say no to more John Carpenter.

Let us know what you think of the track and video in the comments below. And tell us what visual story you think the music is telling; what would you have done if Carpenter had given you the directing job? (besides of course pooing your pants for a few days and nipping your underarms to try and wake up from the dream).

James is a movie obsessive with a particular love for scores and screenplays. He has written for numerous blogs, sites and cinemas and has been involved in several screenwriting projects. He can usually be found in front of a large plasma screen devouring Westerns, 80s pulp, Jimmy Stewart movies or anything by the Coens.