Jupiter Ascending – New Trailer from the Wachowskis

I’ve loved everything the Wachowski siblings have put out. Whilst I found elements of this year’s Cloud Atlas a little slow I couldn’t help but marvel at the sheer ambition and technical prowess of the film. It also contained one of the greatest scores of the year by Tom Tykwer, which certainly helped elevate the grandiose conceit.

This level of sprawling aspiration is apparent in the entire Wachowski back catalogue (The Matrix trilogy, Speed Racer) and is once again prevalent in new film Jupiter Ascending. This first trailer is relatively short but gives a good enough indication that the Sci-Fi story and spectacle provide an original take on a genre which is often saturated with similar tropes and trappings.

It also has Mila Kunis, which is a win for everyone!

The film is due for release next summer, so hopefully we’ll see more clips in the coming months. The question I’m sure you’re asking yourself is “will Sean Bean die in this one?”. Well it would be sad to see him give up the habit of a lifetime, and given his character’s worldly wisdom; that he’s the warrior past his prime, it’s more than likely he’s being set up for a final battle involving some overblown glorious death. We wouldn’t want it any other way.

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