This Kubo Time Lapse Will Blow Your Mind

Laika’s latest masterwork Kubo and the Two Strings is another step up in the advancement of stop-motion technology. Just as Pixar revolutionised (and continue to push) the limits of CG animation, so Laika have become the unstoppable force of innovation in the realms of physical animation.

The below video, released by Laika as a kind of making-of tape, plays as both a mind blowing look into the world of bringing inanimate objects to life, and a glowing tribute to the commitment it takes to work in this medium. Here at Cultoid HQ we’ve always been in awe of this style of film making. We love all things practical, and the truly tactile nature of the characters it leads to. Prepare to be blown away:

Just incredible. And now as an added bonus (because we love giving you stuff), here’s a totally different video from Japan. This is the opening scene for a new puppet show called Thunderbolt Fantasy. Whilst it’s not stop-motion, I think you’ll agree that the choreography and cinematography are worthy of inclusion in an article praising practically made cinema.

Let us know what you think of either or both videos in the comments below.

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