Leaked Deadpool Movie Test Footage

*UPDATE* – The footage has now been officially released and can be seen in below in a much better, way less shaky format.

It’s been a while since the whole Deadpool movie discussion came up in the press. The last place it left off was that a script was ready and Ryan Reynolds was all set to take on the mantle of the ‘Merc with the Mouth’. But it seems the money men were never keen enough to green-light a project which would almost certainly be a hard ‘R’ superhero film, and so it has been languishing in development hell ever since.

But today some test footage has emerged (albeit very shaky – handycam captured pirate footage) which was presumably shot as a sizzle reel to entice execs to part with the cash to get the film financed.

(Apologies if you are reading this and the video is no longer playing – I fully expect it to be taken down at some point soon).

I really like the look and tone they’ve captured here. I’m not sure if Deadpool’s incessant and irreverent humour might get a bit grating for two hours in a row – but generally this looks like it’d be a great fun flick. Maybe one day it’ll get a big enough cheque written to become a reality.

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