Locke Trailer – Tom Hardy Thriller looks Intense

Tom Hardy is the coolest cat around right now. Did you see him on the BAFTAs? That confident walk to the podium. The “I don’t go in for this shit” look in his eyes and then the cheeky wink to some unidentified recipient in the front row (Possibly Prince William). He’s kind of an enigma. No interview has yet conveyed the depth that must exist in a man who can create such visceral performances as he gave in Bronson, Warrior, Lawless, TDKR et al.

And yet that is the exact thing that makes a trailer such as the one for Locke all the more powerful. It is a brilliantly cut clip in that it gives little away and makes you desperate to know more; isn’t that what trailers used to do more often? But central to the trailer is Hardy’s performance – A lone driver with an ominous internal dialogue and a creepy calm that gives way to a brimming intensity.

Locke is, as the trailer suggests, a one man show. It is a near 90 minute thriller that charts the motorway journey of Hardy’s Ivan Locke as his life unravels over a series of phone calls. So I suppose if you aren’t a fan of Hardy this is likely to ruin your evening. But this is exactly the kind of vehicle (sorry) that fans like me have been rooting for since Bronson. A real showcase for Hardy’s leading man chops and hopefully a character study for the ages.

Locke will be released in cinemas from April 18th.

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