Mad Max Fury Road SDCC Footage

The first of the exclusive footage reels shown at Comic Con has been released online and has taken the form of Mad Max Fury Road! This first proper look at George Miller’s follow up to his post apocalyptic, Guzoline fuelled, fetish clothing adorned action trilogy looks even more insane that we could have hoped.

At the start of the clip you can hear Tom Hardy utter “My world is fire”, before being made a metal mask wearing bondage slave at the hands of a band of mutants. As well as this being not too distant from his words as Bane, it also represents 1 of only 16 lines he speaks during the entire film.

That’s right, let that sink in, Tom Hardy only had to learn 16 lines of dialogue for Fury Road! But then given the ridiculous amount of cars, car crashes, battles and exposed nipples Miller has on display here it’s fairly easy to see why that would be the case.

Colour us excited.

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