Make Love The Bruce Campbell Way

The most upsetting thing about Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way is that it is not, in fact, a handy relationship guide featuring the chin himself dishing out advice on the best way to “give some sugar” to your special lady!

Instead what we have here is a genuinely funny yarn about the making of a film called “Let’s Make Love”, a romantic comedy starring Richard Gere and Renee Zellweger and directed by Mike Nichols which all goes awry when Bruce Campbell gets cast.

Reading the synopsis you would be forgiven for thinking that this is a true story, and though many of the events feel like they contain at least some semblance of truth, it is in actuality a fictional tale.

Make Love - CultoidThe story itself follows Campbell as he gets cast via an unorthodox audition, falls prey to the FBI during research into his role, convinces Richard Gere about the pros of adding combat to serious dialogue heavy scenes and breaks into the Paramount lot, via a secret cemetery entrance, to infiltrate an evil studio exec’s office and oust a conspiracy level plot to bring him down.

Having already read Campbell’s first book (‘Confessions of a B Movie Actor’) I was aware of the great conversational tone Campbell brings to his writing, and here it is used to great comic effect. At all times it feels like you are just sat around a bar with him as he recounts these improbable events with all the dry, sarcastic humour you would expect from ‘Ash’ himself.

What is also great is the fact that due to Campbell’s ‘tell it like it is’ style I found myself on frequent occasions wondering just how much of the story was based on, or actually was a real event. I have to confess that about halfway through I even searched IMDB for any projects involving Zellweger, Gere and Nichols just to see if it could have happened (sadly it couldn’t have).

Make no mistake this is not a classic piece of literature (though I have no idea why you would expect it to be, based on the above). It is however a really fun read that flies by and reminds us that Bruce Campbell is the biggest cult icon for a reason; he has a brilliantly warped view of the world and knows exactly how to convey it so that us fan-boys are consistently eating out of the palm of his hand.

Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way is available from Amazon for a bargain price! Do yourself a favour and hail to the king!


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