Manga Shakespeare! Yes someone did it

Just when you think all the ideas in the world have already been thought of, someone throws a curveball! Is there any better way to encourage young geeks to brush up on Shakespeare, than to take some of his best loved works and give it a Manga twist? (to be fair there are probably plenty of ways, but this is a good one so ha!).


Here’s what the good folks over at Firebox have to say about these Tokyo set updates to the Bard:

“William Shakespeare was a poetic genius, but wading through endless verses loaded with elaborate metaphors and romantic soliloquies isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. They need illustrations, something visual, something dynamic to drive the stories along. 

Manga Shakespeare is the perfect medium to enjoy the Bard of Avon’s masterworks. The spectacular cinematic-style artwork breathes new life into these old tales, creating an experience that lies somewhere between reading the original text and watching a performance of the play itself.”

So why not click through and get yourself involved in Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Othello as told through the eyes of dystopian future Tokyo?


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