Marvel’s 1985 – Mark Millar and Tommy Lee Edwards

Just to explain a little something about this website for anyone new looking around; whilst we of course want to bring you the latest and best geek culture news, we also feel a great responsibility to let the world know about the best stuff that’s already out there. Sometimes it will be recent things that are still in the public consciousness, other times it will be older things that have maybe been forgotten, or just aren’t out there as much as they should be. This is particularly true for comics and graphic novels, where the sheer volume of new work means it is sometimes hard to know what is best amongst so much choice.

With that in mind it’s time for a recommendation; Mark Millar and Tommy Lee Edwards’ 1985.

1985 2 cultoid

This is a readily available graphic novel that encompasses a 6 book run originally published in 2008. The story sees Toby (a 13 year old comic book enthusiast) suddenly caught up in a fight for survival when all the Marvel super-villains appear in the real world (sort of like a Marvel version of Freddy’s New Nightmare). We follow Toby as he attempts to get to the bottom of what is happening whilst saving the world and investigating the strange goings on at a deserted old mansion.

As with any truly great comic book story (or any story at all) the real fight is not with the immediate threat of the encroaching enemy but with the lead character’s emotional struggle (in this case one of growing up); here set against the backdrop of separated parents.

Toby feels unimportant in the eyes of his mother and cannot fathom the laziness and wasted life of his father, who he knows is vastly more talented than is let on.

The writing and artwork are both incredible and mean that once opened this book is impossible to put down. The action set-pieces are so well presented and satisfying in their conclusions, but most importantly the emotional clout of the book is one that you will feel long after you have finished it.

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