Monsters University – 3rd Trailer Released

Today saw the release of the 3rd trailer for the hotly anticipated Pixar prequel; Monsters University

Monsters Inc sits at the top of my favourite Pixar films list – admittedly it shares this position equally with The Incredibles, Wall-E and Toy Story 3 but still it’s up there! So I’m holding out hope that this one can join it and be equally as ace!

The previous trailers have all played as PSA style commercials for the university, but this is the first to give us a proper look at the story and it looks like lots of fun! Seemingly mashing Old School and Animal House into a family friendly movie, there are plenty of frat-boy tropes and college campus archetypes given a hilarious monster based twist.

The huge wealth of monsters on display here is what immediately stands out. The creative team at Pixar must have had a (Monsters) ball dreaming up and realising the movie’s population. In particular the bohemian-like ‘Art’ and the Nathan Fillion voiced ‘Johnny Worthington’ seem like great additions to this universe.

Importantly it seems like the Sully and Mike relationship is as funny and strained (from Mike’s perspective) as ever.

Also…..The Slug!

I’m hoping for great things with this one.


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