Movie Mind Machine

How many times, whilst musing on movie philosophy, have you said aloud that you’d love to be able to see your favourite films again, but for the first time? I know I have. And I’m always getting jealous of random toddlers in the street when I realise that one day they’ll see Lord of the Rings or Inside Llewyn Davis or 12 Angry Men or E.T. or every film in the world that’s brilliant for the first time, and I’ll never get that experience again.

Obviously filmmaker Maureen Bharoocha feels the same way, and that’s what inspired her very funny and very brilliant short film Movie Mind Machine. You can watch the whole thing below.

What films would you erase to re-watch? And which would you get rid of forever? Let us know in the comments below.

James is a movie obsessive with a particular love for scores and screenplays. He has written for numerous blogs, sites and cinemas and has been involved in several screenwriting projects. He can usually be found in front of a large plasma screen devouring Westerns, 80s pulp, Jimmy Stewart movies or anything by the Coens.