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‘Games consoles aren’t what they used to be!’ I do agree with that statement to a degree, that the current gen lack that innocence and freedom to be whatever they want to be, bogged down by the necessity to be ‘real’ and sticking to a format that is known, works and sells. It’s understandable though, in the 80’s-90’s everything was new, nothing felt like it had been done before and thats because it hadn’t!

Commodore amiga 500

Don’t get me wrong I love the current crop of COD, GTA, Red Dead etc but for me there’ll always be a necessity to quantum leap back to the NES days for a romance with the dead. Its one of those feelings that if you weren’t around, sadly you just won’t get. I remember opening up the Captain Planet so selfishly passive as it wasn’t for the Atari, ‘Dad, Santa has brought the wrong game? This won’t work on our computer’. How naive. My Mum and Dad told my sister and I to tidy our presents into the attic as our grandparents were coming over. When we creaked open the door, there it was. Like something out of a Spielberg movie you can picture our faces as the cameras tracks towards our awed smiles.

Cinefix, who are the bellows to forgotten nostalgia

Fast forwarding to 2014 we’re lucky that there’s a revered few who feel the same , Bryan Lee O’ Malley and Edgar Wright’s adaptation of Scott Pilgrim brought is now one of my favourite novels and films and is the perfect nod to 8-bit graphics and the original consoles. I’ve recently discovered Cinefix, who are the bellows to forgotten nostalgia. They’re currently making some amazing bites of your favourite films. Check out their latest 8-bit nod to the NES (and movies) with a short game/video of Pulp Fiction. EnjoyThe commodore Amiga 500+! That was it for me, I was addicted and my parents have probably regretted it since.

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