New Predator Sequel – Black is the new black

Shane Black, the writer and director behind Iron Man 3, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, The Long Kiss Goodnight and Lethal Weapon, is returning to a universe he is very much familiar with.

It’s not widely known outside the geek community, but Black starred in the original Predator, as the inappropriate joke making Hawkins (aka the only skinny one in Dutch’s outfit). It’s testament to Black that in a film featuring every 80s bicep in Hollywood, he managed to stand out simply by telling  jokes about the size of his girlfriend’s vagina.

Well the latest scoop is that Black is signing on to co-write and direct a sequel to the original film, which in his words will be an “inventive sequel”. That’s a pretty open to discussion type statement, but given that every Shane Black helmed film is set at Christmas, could it be that the Predator will follow a Grinch like arc; initially slaughtering hundreds of innocent children before realising the error of his ways, so instead making toys from the dead kids’ skins and giving them to the survivors!

Anywho, back to reality. The other writer on this project is long time collaborator Fred Dekker, one of the most underrated names in cinema (who brought us The Monster Squad, Night of the Creeps and Tales from the Crypt). This all bodes well for a revival of one of the greatest movie monsters.


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