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That’s right folks it’s time for a movie tie-in book! But unlike most film related media merchandise, this isn’t some hastily thrown together cash grab. Instead it has been overseen in meticulous detail by the geek tour de force that is Guillermo Del Toro!

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Much like the Inception prequel comic this graphic novel tells us the back story leading up to the movie’s main events. As such it provides a unique experience in that in can be read prior to the film and actually add to the viewing experience. It provides some additional character development, particularly in terms of Idris Elba’s Stacker Pentecost, and also sheds a great deal more light on how the Kaiju first attacked the earth.

The novel’s writer Travis Beacham was recently interviewed by Legendary Pictures about the project and you can read the transcript below:

Q: Does the comic book tell a different story than the movie?

TRAVIS BEACHAM: Yes, the comic book is a prequel to the movie actually.  The movie in a sense begins very late into the Kaiju war.  This is maybe ten plus years after the first Kaiju hits.  The graphic novel covers the very beginning of that.  It covers the first Kaiju, the first Jaeger, and it really established a sense of how our world became the world that we see in the movie.

 Q: Can you explain the graphic novel from the writer’s perspective?

TRAVIS BEACHAM: From a writer’s perspective, I think the graphic novel covers the parts of the story of the world that we wish that we can cover in the movie, but you know, the movie is its own thing.  The graphic novel goes back to the beginning, it tells the story of the first Kaiju attack, it tells the story how the Jaegers were invented, it shows you what its like at the Jaeger academy.  So we are filling in these parts of the world that we’d imagined from the beginning but didn’t get the chance to use in the movie.  We are meeting characters at pivotal moments in their life that aren’t necessarily covered in the movie.  I think what I really like about it and what I like about the process of having done it is that its not something where we’ve licensed it out or we’ve left it in anyone else’s hands.  This is in every sense a product of this same exact people who created the movie.  Legendary’s publishing it, Guillermo oversaw it every step of the way, and its written by the screenwriter of the movie and it’s a seamless artifact that bleeds right into that world which is something that I am really proud of.

Q: Which characters can we expect to see in both the film/comic?

TRAVIS BEACHAM: There’s a lot of Pentecost in the comic book, which I think is fun because there’s not a lot about his past in the movie.  He of course is an enormous presence in the movie.  But we never really find out a lot about what makes him who he is.  In the comic book, we get to tackle that a lot more intimately.

Q: How closely did you work with Guillermo del Toro on the comic book?

TRAVIS BEACHAM: Very closely, Guillermo and I worked very closely on the comic book.  He oversaw it basically from the beginning. Not in the nitty gritty sense, where we are with our laptops back to back typing because he at the time was still making the movie.  But he had input every step of the way.  He saw the script first thing; he gave page by page by page notes.  This was the fun thing about the comic book actually and what was a little I think in a weird way more fun about making movies, that made me want to write comics books all the time was that you would get pages every single day from the artists, like “here’s this page, here’s this page”. And you would see the pencils and then you would see the inks, and you would see the color. Just every step of the way you really saw it coming together.  Guillermo was in that loop and constantly saying like “that character doesn’t look like that, that character wouldn’t say that, or I loved way that’s timed out can we have more of that ” so yeah he was involved on every single step of the way.

Pacific Rim: Tales From Year Zero is available now.

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