Pyongyang- Not another time lapse!

North Korea has long kept its doors closed to the public and I think as human beings we’re drawn to the mystery box and the forbidden fruit. So I find it really funny that the North Korean government selected a bloke from Norwich to be allowed in their country to film . Of course the real reason is this is a short film to promote tourism, but it also makes alot of sense. Appointing an insider the country would have recieved no attention and this would have been shunned as outright propoganda. I guess this kind of interpretation is what you’d class as art but it’s entirely subjective.

Rob Whitworth and JT Singh specialise in documenting cities as commissioned promotional material. They’ve filmed and craftily edited the worlds most beautiful cities in their own unique style that I’m sure many huge directors will try to emulate for years. Don’t be surprised if you see a montage that looks like these in the next Bourne movie…

Pyongyang as you’ve never seent it, literally!

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