R2-D2 Folding Chair – The Bot for your Bot

Ok first things first I know he’s a droid not a bot, but can we let it slide for the sake of a mildly smirk inducing sub-title? The answer is no. Ah well.

With festival season almost fully upon us now is the time to think about what cool items you can take to those rock/metal campsites that will make you look like a true geek and will no doubt then be stolen from you whilst you are elbows deep in the main-stage pit (or shuffling hipster dance circle).

The R2-D2 folding camping chair is the ultimate statement that perfectly fits the above criteria. Is it a shameless cash grab? yes, but let’s be honest it doesn’t take much effort when it comes to new film merchandise to get us all excited and clammering for our wallets, so fair play to the Lucas marketing machine. And if the chair alone doesn’t do it for you, then how about the promise of filling it with a ridiculously good looking girl in full Leia get-up? ea7e_r2d2_folding_chair_leia-Cultoid

But what of the essential product tech specifications I hear you ask? After all if we are to spend real earth money on a piece of Star Wars merchandise, with the sole objective of getting some noises of recognition and slight envy from total strangers on a campsite, then we obviously want a high quality build! Well we’re in luck. This baby is “made of sturdy nylon” and “comes with a nylon shoulder bag for carrying and storage”, so you know your bum will be supported in serious style.

The only slight mishap on the part of the makers of this product is that it “fits most adults” and can withstand a maximum weight of 225 pounds. I’m thinking maybe a little more market research might be needed next time boys!!!

If you want one of your very own R2-D2 folding chairs then head over to Think Geek now!

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