The Raid 2: Berandal – New Featurette


The new John Woo….New Woo…..Newoo….WOOOOO!

The Raid was/is incredible. It instantly became an action classic and made a name not just for its pint sized star Iko Uwais, but also its Welsh director Gareth Evans. Evans had moved to Indonesia and had originally set out to make a documentary on the unique fighting style (Silat), but in doing so realised the cinematic potential and wound up also making The Raid.

The original film plays kind of like a video game in that our plucky police officer Rama must fight his way up a high rise block to get to the crime lord at the top. Whilst this gives the film a great tension and claustrophobia, it was also to suit the budgetary needs of the movie. But now with its sequel Evans has the money, the know how and the scope to see our hero cover much more ground, in a sprawling tale of undercover espionage and violent punishment within the criminal underworld.

Whilst there is frustratingly no official release date for the UK as yet, it will only be a matter of time. And whilst we’re waiting we’ve been given a great 10 minute ‘Behind the Scenes’ featurette to help while away the hours before it hits the big screen.

I like that this is called (Part 1). Unless I’m very much mistaken, this would usually mean that we can expect at least a ‘Part 2″ at some point in the next few weeks. Come on Mr Evans, don’t leave us hanging.

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