Renegades – Pink Cake, Blue Cake, PIMP

Every so often I come across a short film that is just far too good for me not to share with you all. Renegades by Jim Hosking is one such piece of cinematic gold.

The problem is that to describe it to you would be for you to want to grab me by the shoulders and say what the holy mother of dead cats are you talking about? For Renegades is like the twisted surreal love child of Klown, Napoleon Dynamite and MicMacs, seemingly revelling in making no sense at all, whilst simultaneously delivering insane hilarity.

Here’s what the man himself, Mr Hosking, had to say about Renegades:

“After short-changing the Prostitute, the Renegades visit the King Of The Pimps for Blue Cake and Pink Cake. Here they meet the Sailor who eats the Clown Cake and suggests they go to the Bar to watch the Dancer. At the bar the Sailor gives the Renegades the Bag, with disastrous consequences. Oh, them Renegades.”

That about sums it up. Now switch off from reality and watch this!

Yep, that just happened.

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