Seth Rogen on Friendship – It’s his secret

I’m a huge fan of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg as a writing team. They have the market fairly well covered when it comes to buddy comedy movies, channelling a good deal of what made the 80s SNL team movies so great, whilst also playing to the modern trend of being self aware and heaping oodles of clever references and homages into their screenplays; in other words they are like a US version of Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg.

Check out this clip from Academy Originals which gives a little peak into the mind and writing process of Rogen, and how important friendship is to the whole thing.

It kills me how easy Rogen makes it look. Based on this video it would appear that making a hit movie needs little more than hanging out with your friends and laughing about life. In an ideal world that’s what all jobs would involve. But I suspect it’s a lot more than that. Just based on sheer output from Rogen and Goldberg I’d say the process actually involves hours and hours of hard slog with a great deal of sacrifice, all tempered with an occasional few hours hanging out with their mates.

Even so it still sounds like a pretty incredible life to me.

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