Sex Panther – Smell like Fantana 60% of every time

So you may have noticed that our quaint little website has had a wee bit of a makeover. Hopefully this meets your approval and makes you find us groin grabbingly attractive….more so than it did before that is.

So with every good makeover comes the need for a new scent; you can’t hit the town smelling like B.O and Red Bull now can you? So why not go all out and wear something that stings the nostrils…in a good way.

Yes of course it’s time to musk up. Get your wallet out, click here and drench yourself in Sex Panther, the cologne of choice for Mr Brian Fantana of the Channel 4 news team. Just be careful, 60% of the time it works every time.

James is a movie obsessive with a particular love for scores and screenplays. He has written for numerous blogs, sites and cinemas and has been involved in several screenwriting projects. He can usually be found in front of a large plasma screen devouring Westerns, 80s pulp, Jimmy Stewart movies or anything by the Coens.

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