Sin City: A Dame to Kill For – Trailer

sincity22After 8 years we will finally see the release of a Sin City follow up this August. And today we have the first look at the trailer. On a slight tangent, it’s interesting that the original Sin City and 300 were released within 12 months of each other and now 300: Rise of an Empire and Sin City: A Dame to Kill For are following that same pattern (albeit with 200% more colon using titles). Frank Miller must be pleased that his graphic novel sales will receive another major shot in the arm.

So what of the trailer itself? Well it’s refreshing to see a Robert Rodriguez film that hasn’t been run through a ‘1970s Exploitation’ grading programme. Instead he’s back to using the ‘Black and White with a splash of colour’ filter. Whilst the trailer carries that same look as the original film, with familiar characters, setups and dialogue, it doesn’t have that same wow factor. Something about it feels a bit muted. A bit stale. A bit like a good cover version of a classic song. Don’t get me wrong I’ll be there on opening night in the hope of another great Sin City movie. But this trailer isn’t making me drool in anticipation like the last one did.

All that said there’s no denying that Robert Rodriguez has once again perfectly captured the look and feel of the graphic novel. His Sin City is one of the most faithful and authentic representations of comic books in film that has ever been. For that he deserves all the praise.

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