Smartphone Time-lapse Turntable

Isn’t it always the case that the simplest ideas are the best? Just look at the above picture. It’s a very simple concept that makes professional looking time-lapse photography possible for under £20! How good is that?

As you can see it has a simple clamp to hold any phone and the rotating base has a standard tripod thread so it can be attached to the majority of tripods (it also has its own fold out tripod legs). So all you need to do is affix your phone, turn on your time-lapse app and let the smooth rotating base do the rest.

The base is programmable up to 360 degrees and up to 1 hour of total rotation time so that you can get exactly what you need from your shoot…unless you want 540 degrees for 2 hours, but you know, it’s £19.99 stop being so picky!

Of course words can only say so much, so to get a proper look at the product in action go here.

I’m usually very cynical about products like this but the results speak for themselves. I’d say even if you aren’t planning on getting any time-lapse footage any time soon, it is still worthwhile to spend such a meagre amount of money and have this fantastic budget tool at your disposal.


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