Solar Roadways – The future is Tron

Stop what you’re doing and watch the video below. If you want a future that is cleaner, more economical and way more futuristic looking then you need to get behind Solar Roadways.

It’s a little bit of a shame that the video went for an all out comedic tone. I find it funny but I think it’ll stop a lot of people taking the product seriously. I understand they were trying to grab attention, but the simple fact is that by just displaying the imagery and facts it grabs audience attention in a massive way!

This feels like the first invention to truly move the world forward into a prosperous and Sci-Fi looking future. It is such a massive scale idea that I’m not entirely sure how much can be done with the $1,000,000 dollars they have raised via indiegogo. It seems like they need a billion dollar cash injection to give the project the legs it needs to get going.

I can only hope that a proper trial is a massive success and we start seeing Tron roads cropping up all over the world in the next few years. Here’s to cheaper energy, cheaper fuel, less roadkill and Flynn’s Arcade becoming a reality.

Oh and if they do definitely go with the hexagonal design, who’s up for playing a gigantic, nationwide version of Blockbusters?


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