Soulmate Scene Gets Banned – Free PR

Debut filmmaker Axelle Carolyn must be feeling pangs of bittersweetness right about now. On the one hand she’s had a key scene from her horror film Soulmate banned in the UK by the BBFC. On the other, she’s now been given a bucket load of free press, which, like this post, contains the banned scene anyway.

Whilst integrity means a lot to directors, and the vision of their project should never be tampered with, I can’t help but feel like this will only mean good things for Carolyn, who will inevitably wind up with many more bums on seats that she could have previously hoped for.

So, bearing in mind that this is very NSFW, click the video below to see just what got the BBFC’s goat up so much.

Whilst the scene is horrific, I can’t quite understand what makes the BBFC ban this and allow other more visceral things through. I can only imagine their worry is that it could glamorise suicide, but for me it has the total opposite effect!

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