Spike Jonze Goes to Bat for Kenzo

Spike Jonze is difficult to define as a director. That’s a very good thing. His back catalogue features gonzo stuff alongside the Jackass boys, high end skate vids, even higher end music videos and of course his wondrous and whimsical artistic forays into award winning cinema with films such as Her and Where the Wild Things Are.

He defies labels and just seems to go with whatever feels good to him at the time, which makes him one of the most interesting artists working today. So of course we were overly excited when a new perfume advert appeared with Jonze’s name attached as director.

We all know the drill when it comes to perfume ads. Beautiful women, monochrome, slow motion, leaves falling, cosmopolitan backdrops, scant dialogue delivered in seductive voices. That kind of thing. Jonze has eschewed all of that crap for a 3 minute piece of insane choreography, epic camera work, and a leading lady who provides as much jaw dropping serious talent as she does comedy chops.

So without further ado, here’s the Spike Jonze directed advert for Kenzo World.

Some might say that Jonze is actually just paying homage to himself, and, in particular, riffing on the Weapon of Choice video he directed for Fatboy Slim. Whilst that’s partially true, there’s enough totally unique stuff going on here to be classed as entirely its own thing. And that fast-yet-impossibly-smooth sideways pan up the stairs at 1:50 is a pure delight.

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